Robotics OpenSpan software is a call center integration and automation vendor where the product automates and integrates various applications on the user's desktop. OpenSpan mostly uses robotic automation to ease the burden on the customer service representatives by automating routine desktop tasks shows increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction. It is the leading provider of Robotics Process Automation that provides innovative user process analytics, optimization and automation tools.

It mostly provides instruction on using the OpenSpan Studio to create application integration and automation projects. This studio runs within the Microsoft Visual studio Isolated shell design environments or as a plug-in to the visual studio applications. OpenSpan Studio mostly delivers a unique, intuitive, rapid visual development environment which creates a runtime solutions that enable end-users to complete tasks in efficient and reliable manner.

"Openspan Makes Smart Agent Desktop Simpler To Enhance Business Development With Ease"

OpenSpan solutions are deployed in most of the world's leading financial services, insurance, telecommunications and retail organizations to take into next advanced level. OpenSpan Studio can easily create the solution such as

  • Automating of manual process like copy and paste between applications
  • Provides a single user interface for interaction with multiple applications
  • Display of process guidance tips to assist users in completion of workflow tasks
  • Invoking of Web Service

Demand for Certified OpenSpan Professionals

IT Recruiters are looking for the Certified OpenSpan Professionals to get into top notch companies with highest paid salary range. There is an incredible demand for OpenSpan Professionals to layout most optimized solution for business development.