Windows Azure

The Rise in Demand for Microsoft Windows Azure Skills

Most numbers of companies have begun to move towards cloud computing field in the present market. Windows Azure helps the Organizations to build, deploy and manage services and applications with the help of a global network of data centers.

Windows Azure is the growing collection of integrated cloud services that have the freedom to build and deploy whenever you want using the tools, applications and framework of choices. It takes lots of developers attention to writing the applications in the Azure platform.

Protect your Business with the most Trusted Cloud

Windows Azure helps to protect your assets through a rigorous methodology that focus on security, privacy, compliance and transparency.

  • Achieve global scale in Local Regions
  • Detection and Mitigate Threats
  • Rely on the most trusted cloud

Global Demand for Windows Azure Expertise

As most of the Organizations are investing in this Windows Azure technology there are incredible career opportunities for Certified Expertise. Azure Expertise are the highest paid salary range when compared to other IT Professionals.

The job opportunities for Windows Azure Expertise is high, the number behind the number where a huge number of recruiters are in search to get into top notch companies.

Roles and Responsibilities of Windows Azure Technology

Azure Cloud Service Role: It is the collection of managed, load balanced, Platform as a Service virtual machines that work together to perform common tasks.

Web Role: To run web applications developed on programming languages or else technologies that are supported by Internet Information Service(IIS) such as PHP, ASP.NET

Worker Role: It runs various applications and services level tasks that generally do not require IIS. They are mainly used to perform supporting background processes along with web roles.

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